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My Kitty Coffee & Tea Mug

Posted by Roxana Hi, everyone. This is the story of my coffee & tea mug. It is a wonderful gift I received on my 23rd birthday from a good friend of mine. He decided this would suit me since I love the color Blue, I'm a big coffee addict, plus a 5 o'clock tea fan and I also had 2 cats back then. It is by far my favorite two-piece mug: first, there is the upper part where I can prepare black tea with white milk; secondly, there is the lower part which I can use both as a coffee and tea mug. Coffee purposes: I'm really in love with coffee so I have this ritual of making my coffee black, freshly roasted using an espresso machine. Then I add saccharine and white low fat milk - not … [Read More...]

What is Beloved Mug All About? is a global online research project. It’s built from collaborative, crowdsourced submissions from the general public. The submissions on this site are from readers (you!) who, like me, have a favorite coffee mug–one they use every day!– and a story to go along with it.

We’re asking readers to share both a picture of your favorite coffee mug, and tell us why it’s so special to you. How did the mug come to be the one you reach for every morning?

The ultimate culmination of the Beloved Mug project would be a ‘coffee table’ book that shows the best mugs and accompanying personal stories.

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